Week 5 NFL Locks

It’s been going pretty good so far this year…if you just take the Vikings picks out of it.

This week I absolutely love the Bucs. They play tonight against the Bears. I have no idea why the Bucs are only favored by 3 points. I would feel good at 14. This is another one where I think Vegas has lost their mind. You have to throw out the records on this one. It’s very simple analysis: The Bucs are very good. The Bears are bad. Give me the Bucs -3 tonight.

I like two other games this week as well.

The Cardinals are 7 point favorites over the Jets. This should be a tale of the old guard versus the new. Joe Flacco is starting for the Jets, what a mess. Kyler Murray is the exact opposite of Joe Flacco in every way imaginable. And it looks like Murray and Deandre Hopkins are the next wave. I love the Cardinals -7.

I also like the Browns to win this week. Weird but true. I’ve (for reasons unknown) watched the Colts three times this year. Their offensive line is very good, their defense and running games are underrated and very solid, and they are very well coached. But they always just look slow out there. The whole team looks like they’re running with cinder block shoes on sometimes. And Phillip Rivers has always labored around back there. But Cleveland flies. They’re literally fast at every skill position on offense and defense. And I love their coach. Always have. Another one that got away. I think Cleveland turns this game into a track meet and Indy gets run out of the gym. Give me the Browns -1.5.

And now to my bread and butter…My Minnesota Vikings pick, of which I’m currently 1-4 on the year (missed an over/under in their week 2 game as well). I might be too close to the forrest to see the trees predicting this team. But this one is easy. They never beat Seattle. I literally don’t remember the last time they beat the Seahawks. I’d have to look it up. I doubt it was during Pete Carroll’s tenure and I’m 100% sure they’ve never beaten Russell Wilson. The Seahawks are 7 point favorites. I thought it would be higher. Wilson should have no problem doing his thing this week. The Vikings will score too, but ultimately won’t be able to keep up. Give me the Seahawks -7.

Bonus Pick: The Cowboys (-9.5) blow out the Giants 38-10.