Week 14 NFL Locks

Another non-winning session last week. If you faded me (betted the opposite of all my picks) the last few weeks you’ve been in pretty good shape.

Although my Viking picks have gotten a lot better. I’ve hit three in a row and 4 outta my last 5 with the guys in purple.

Last week’s Jacksonville game I was pretty much dead on with my prediction.

Unfortunately, as I sit, I still have no gut feeling on the Vikings-Bucs game. That’ll have to be a separate discussion Friday or Saturday.

In the mean time, let’s roll the dice again this week.

Tonight I like the Rams, for more than just the generic reason(s) that they’re the favorite, and have a better record than New England. I like Los Angeles for the human element of this game. In 2018’s super bowl between these two teams Sean McVay was out coached and embarrassed by Bill Belichick. His high-flying offense scored three points. The normally aggressive and free-wheeling McVay–young, innovative, and spry–clamped up and got conservative throughout most of the game. I.m guessing he’s been thinking about that for almost 2 years and tonight he’s gonna make up for it and then some. Look for flea-flickers, wide receiver reverse passes, half back options, and maybe a fake punt or a fake field goal as well. And a lot of 4th down conversions. He’s gonna empty the bag tonight. And run it up. For that reason I like the Rams (-4.5)

Why are the Texans only favored by 1 point against the Bears? Chicago is a walking tire fire and the Texans are a goal line fumble away from being 4-1 in their last 5. I’ll take the Texans (-1).

I’ve grown weary of taking the Chiefs. They usually win on the scoreboard but tend to be fools gold when it comes to covering. This week I love them. They just came off a nationally televised game where all they could do was kick field goals in the red zone while barely beating Denver. They should be hungry to get their act back together on offense and be in the mood to pound an opponent. Especially with Pittsburgh losing. Sorry Miami. Bad timing. Look for Kansas City to start stomping on people again down the stretch. Give me the Chiefs (-7) over the Dolphins, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they win by 20+ points. Also give me the over in that game (50.5). The Chiefs might get that on their own.

I’ll take the over in the Falcons-Chargers game (49) this week on straight hope alone.

I can see a whole lot of gamblers going with the Packers this week, thinking it’s an easy win. I’m gonna go the opposite way and hope that’s the sucker bet of the week. Give me Detroit (+9) over Green Bay.

The Colts and Raiders game feels like there could be a lot of points involved. I’ll take the over (51.)

Bonus Picks: Seahawks-Jets over 47, Browns (+3) over Baltimore, and Bills-Steelers over 46.5.

***SEASON RECORD***: 49-52-1 (6-6 last week) (6-7 on Vikings picks this season)