Week 13 NFL Locks

Another absolutely dreadful week last week. It’s amazing how confident I can be looking at the spreads and while picking.

Then the games start.

Anyhow, let’s make another run at it this week.

I’ll start with my Minnesota Vikings pick. I’ll take Jacksonville +10 this week. For any further commentary or reasoning on that pick click here.

As for the rest of the slate:

I like the Bills again. They covered last week and they’d be 9-2 right now if it wasn’t for a Hail Mary. So they’ve been doing their fair share of winning this year. They go ‘on the road’ this week and play San Francisco…In Arizona. Strange. Such is life in the COVID NFL Era. This is one of those lines I don’t understand. The Bills are actually underdogs in this game. Offensively Buffalo has been rolling and defensively they are finally healthy again. Plus I bumped into a random Buffalo Bills fan today in the neighborhood. He seemed to know his shit, we talked Stefon Diggs, Scott Norwood, Doug Flutie, and just life. I’ll take that as an omen. Give me Buffalo +1 at San Francisco.

I made this mistake two weeks ago and I’m gonna make it again. For the exact same reasons I had two weeks ago. Let’s see if it was a fluke or I’m just an idiot. Give me the Falcons +3 against New Orleans.

I like the Rams. From a fan standpoint I can’t stand anything about them, but if I can get myself to view them from a neutral-unbiased scope, I see a solid offense with a solid qb and a solid running game. Then I see a great defense with some huge playmakers on the line and in the secondary. Tell me I’m wrong. You can’t, regardless of any single week’s result. Give me the Rams -3 this week and I expect them to win 4 or 5 of their remaining games this season and cruise into the playoffs.

I’m gonna take the Browns and put the Titans on upset alert. I like the Browns running game. I look for them to hang in there and maybe have a chance to win at the end. Give me the Browns +5.5.

Colt McCoy plays for the Giants? And he’s starting this week? Give me the Giants +11 against the Seahawks.

The Lions have a new coach. Sometimes that helps get a team going. It did earlier this year for the Texans. It also helps if you’re playing the Bears and getting points. Give me the Lions +3 this week.

Speaking of the Texans, they’ve been playing so much better since their slow start. They’re 3-1 in there last four games and are coming off a little bit more rest than usual after winning on Thanksgiving. The Colts, on the other hand, are banged up and coming off a beat down at the hands of Tennessee. Give me the Texans +3. I also look for there to be a lot of points in that contest. Give me the over on 50.5 points as well.

Elimination week for the Patriots is finally here. After 20 years of dominance it’s time for New England to waive bye-bye to their playoff chances in LA. Give me the Chargers -1.5 against the Patriots.

Bonus Picks: Chiefs-Broncos over 51 and Steelers (-7) over Washington.

***SEASON RECORD***: 43-46-1 (3-7 last week) (5-7 on Vikings picks this season)