Week 11 NFL Locks

Last week was ‘absolutely dreadful,’ as Dale Stoverud would say.

I literally might as well just flip a coin on every game. My season record completely illustrates that.

I like a bunch of games this week, and that’s probably not a good thing. I guess we’ll see.

Tonight I like the Seahawks (-3) and the over (57). I’ve been doing this with the Seahawks pretty much all year. The standard line of Russell Wilson is great and his defense sucks, which means a high scoring game.. etc. The last two weeks Wilson has been surprisingly bad, last week he was so dismal that neither pick worked out. But I’m going back to the well. It’s a short week, and Arizona is coming off an extremely emotional win. In general teams tend to not show up the week after such a mentally exhausting win. I like Arizona. I think they have a good team. But this week I think the Seahawks get back on the right track and win by a touchdown.

I hate the Packers, but I love betting on them this week. I don’t think I have to give too deep of an analysis. The Packers are playing the Colts. The Colts are favored. The Packers have Aaron Rodgers, the Colts have Phillip Rivers. I’ll take the obvious choice. Give me the Packers (+2).

With Drew Brees being on the sidelines and giving way to Jameis Winston I like the Falcons to win. The Falcons are 3-1 since starting 0-5 and have scored a ton of points the past five weeks. Combine that with the fact that Winston is known for throwing a lot of touchdown passes and costly interceptions, I’ll gladly take the over as well. Give me the Falcons (+5) and the over (50.5).

In the single most degenerate move of the year I’m gonna single out the Cincinnati-Washington game and go with the over. For no other reason than just a feeling. I won’t watch a second of it but I’ll check the final score. Hopefully it’ll be something like 31-28. Give me the over (46.5) in the Bengals-Washington game.

Let’s go with two rookie quarterbacks this week. Miami has been winning games the last five weeks. After starting 1-3 they’re now 6-3. I don’t know if it’s too late, or a classic betting mistake, to get on the bandwagon now but they’ve been so red-hot I’m willing to jump on this week and stick with ’em till they lose. Give me the Dolphins (-3.5) over the Broncos.

Then give me Justin Herbert and the Chargers. I have a friend that texts me every Sunday about how well Herbert is doing. The Chargers haven’t been very good at all this year but they’re young QB has. The 0-9 Jets come to town this week and I don’t think they’ll have any problems beating them down. Give me the Chargers (-9).

The Chiefs should be in the mood to score a lot of points this week. They are 8-1 and playing against the only team who has beat them so far this year. I Love the Chiefs offensive productivity, and the fact that their defense gives up a lot of points. Both tend to happen quickly. Give me the over (57) in the Chiefs-Raiders game.

And now the bread and butter game: My Minnesota Vikings pick of the week. So glad I was wrong about it Monday night. And I’ve been mostly wrong all year. So this week is easy. I hope the Vikings win, I think they will, but I’ll take Dallas with the points this week. Give me the Cowboys (+8.5) and let’s hope Minnesota can figure out a way to win this game.

Bonus Pick: Rams Bucs Over 48.5

***SEASON RECORD*** 31-31-1 (4-6 last week) (3-7 on Vikings picks)