Week 11 NFL Locks and Vikings Pick.

I’m gonna do things a little differently this week.

I went 3-0 in my locks week 10, so I’m gonna let that marinate for a minute.

I won’t be picking any ‘locks’ this week. (Although if you are really desperate take the Bills (-7) over the Colts. Carson Wentz is due for a 3-4 interception game and the Bills have a defense that’s ready to oblige.)

I’m also not gonna pick the Vikings game this week. It would be clouded up with too much emotion.

I hate the Packers, and I can’t stand Aaron Rodgers. All the breaks and bullshit they’ve continually been the beneficiaries of in my lifetime make me sick to my stomach.

I know I will not be sitting down once during this game.

Words cannot describe how much I want to Vikings to win. More so than getting back to 5-5 and being firmly entrenched in the mix for the postseason once again, a Vikings win over the Packers would mean more because it’s just that…a Minnesota win AND a Green Bay loss…

A perfect Sunday. Those have been hard to come by.

I hate Green Bay.

My first time at the Metrodome watching the Vikings in person was a 1997 pre season game against the San Diego Chargers. When My dad and I were walking to the concession stand we saw a guy with a shirt that said “My two favorite teams are the Vikings and whoever’s playing the Packers.”

Truer words have never been printed.

And nobody understands that more than coach Zimmer. Which is good because nobody needs this game more than he does.

The fan base makes it seem like he’s coaching for his job every week. Well, a victory against Green Bay might buy you a little more time with all those idiots Mike.

I actually want Zimmer back next year. Sure it would be nice if he could learn how to manage the clock at some point, but he’s been the best coach Minnesota has had in my lifetime. I acknowledge, however, that I’m sort of an old-school minded fan. I like his run-the ball and play good defense mentality. I like that they’re still trying to win games the old school way. It makes me want them to win so much more. Now-a-days it’s…hire the youngest coach you can find, throw the ball 80 times, and go for it every single fourth down.

No thanks. I still like some defense and smash mouth mentality with my football on Sundays. Not arena football and players complaining every time they get touched…

Speaking of which…back to you Mr. Rodgers…Can’t wait to see how many times you get up from a mere graze of the shoulder pad begging for a flag Sunday.

I hate you.

I hate Green Bay.

Let’s do it Vikings. I’m not usually a raw-raw, get behind my team at all costs, emotional fan, but I’ll go into my own CO-PAY for this victory.




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