Vikings Rams Prediction

The Vikings (7-7) don’t have the fire power to stay with the Rams (10-4).

Dalvin being out with Covid gives the Vikings the inferior running back, quarterback, and offensive line in this matchup. And if Thielen plays its a toss up as to who is better at the wide receiver position. If he doesn’t, the Rams will have the advantage there as well.

Also Justin Jefferson came out in the media this week with some ‘this is a statement game for me’ bs when asked about going up against the best corner in the league (Jalen Ramsey). ANYTIME that happens you’ve doomed yourself into a poor statistical game where you are constantly frustrated and yelling at your QB.

Terrible comment. Just put a ton of pressure on himself for no reason. But he’s young, he’ll learn.

Defensively the Rams have three or four absolute studs and are solid everywhere else. Minnesota has big names that tend to underwhelm.

All things point to a Minnesota meltdown this week and the Rams to continue their recent success.

My Prediction???

You guessed it: Minnesota wins 38-34 in a head scratcher.

Go Vikes!

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