Vikings Back-up QB

The Jets just traded Sam Darnold to the Panthers.

The Panthers organization had previously stopped short of officially saying Teddy Bridgewater was no longer in their future plans, but had given plenty of informal indications that, after just one season, the Teddy era in Carolina was over.

Today it’s safe to say they made it official.

I’m not blind or hard of hearing…I’m aware of the common Viking fan fantasy of Teddy coming back to Minnesota. I’ve been hearing it basically since he left.

Only difference is the zero percent chance I had always previously given it, has just spiked up to around five.

For the following reasons:

—The Vikings have been suspiciously late in addressing their back-up quarterback situation. Something they never do.

—Interest in Teddy Bridgwater as a starter has to be waining at this point in his career.

—The Panthers made the Darnold move late enough in the free agency period to not allow Teddy as many options as he would have had if he was released in March.

—It’s possible Teddy could sign a one year, league minimum, back-up contract given the current market.

—Teddy still loves Mike Zimmer, and would be a great fit for the Vikings bootleg, zone rushing attack, adding the element of running the ball himself if he was ever called upon.

—They still have plenty of holdovers from the Teddy era in Minnesota. Players like Anthony Barr, Harrison Smith, Eric Kendricks, and Adam Thielen would love to see him back in the locker room.

—Enough time has gone by to dissolve any lingering negativity Teddy garners toward the Minnesota Vikings organization’s handling of his departure.

—And he’s a fan favorite.

The smart money is on Sean Mannion coming back to hold the clip board for another season in Minnesota, but for the first time since Bridgwater left the team in 2018, there is at least a small glimmer of a chance Teddy could come back to the Twin Cities.


  1. Yolanda P
    April 5, 2021


  2. Troy D
    April 6, 2021

    If Teddy comes back every single incompletion/sack/int Kirk has is gonna be booed for hours while the TED-DY chants reign in from the rafters U.S. Bank stadium. Which is too bad because otherwise its a perfect fit.

  3. TrevorMayFan65
    April 6, 2021

    We should have never let him go think of all the players we could have spread that Cousins money around too while keeping him.

  4. Jennifer
    April 7, 2021

    It doesn’t matter who they get for back-up qb, Cousins never gets hurt.

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