Vikings 34 Lions 20

Two wins in row. Both in the division.

Another tip of the hat to Mike Zimmer. With the defense they have I don’t know how he keeps doing it. A week after hanging in their long enough to win against Green Bay, The Vikings really had no problems beating Detroit today.

They forced Stafford into throwing two interceptions in the red zone and put enough pressure on him to ultimately knock him out of the game. Dalvin was Dalvin on offense. It’s getting to the point where I’ll be surprised when he doesn’t have a game like he’s had the last two weeks. If there’s a better running back in the league I certainly don’t know who it is.

So their record is 3-5, I talked last week about their opportunities to thrive with their upcoming schedule and how they need to go at least 4-1, preferably 5-0, in those games to be back in the mix. Well this is one. I was nervous before the game, but the Vikings were clearly ready.

Next week is big. The Vikings play at Chicago on a Monday night. Winning that game would essentially pull them even with Chicago in the division, and announce to the league they’re gonna be tough to beat for the rest of the season. Even though I think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the league, I foresee a few problems with that looming matchup (more on that later in the week), but if they can somehow win that game the Vikings will absolutely be relevant again in the NFC.

And after watching their first few games of the season I never would have seen that coming.