Vikings 19 Bears 13

I didn’t really think about the game much at all during the week or the hours leading up to it.

There was never much of a doubt the Vikings were going to win. Kirk Cousins had done so well on previous Monday nights and the Vikings special teams have been so good lately that I wasn’t too worried about this game.

On a serious note I thought the offensive line really held their own and played well, and three of those 5 guys are super young. The Vikings may finally have the start to some sort of foundation up front, especially if they keep improving and maybe find one or two more guys via the draft or free agency this offseason.

I’m even more impressed with the who’s who of the defensive front. All sorts of young guys whose names I’m still learning are getting to the QB. I know it was Nick Foles back there and not Deshaun Watson, but progress is progress. Three of those guys weren’t expected to get much, if any, playing time at all this year. Now they’ll flying around the field getting pressure on the QB.

The two linebackers are playing out of their minds, and it appears Smith and Harris have been able to help out all these young corners a hell of a lot more than I predicted they would before the season.

Im excited about all these young guys getting valuable experience, learning how to win, and getting better. Clearly the Vikings aren’t super bowl contenders this year, but if enough of these young guys turn into good/great players…Next year? The year after? Never know. Gotta start somewhere.

In the meantime let’s keep this train rolling.

That’s three in a row. They still have a long way to go. When they beat the Packers to get to 2-5 a couple weeks back I said then and there, looking at their schedule, that going 4-1 or even 5-0 was a possibility, and if they did that they’d be in the playoff mix. Well, this is 2. They now sit at 4-5 with three of those games yet to come. Cowboys, Panthers, Jaguars. It is still attainable.

We will worry about what the rest of the teams in the league are doing and what the rest of the Vikings schedule is after that feat is accomplished. Can’t start looking too far down the line when your team isn’t even at .500 yet.

Today is about reflection. The rest of the week is about Business.

We gotta focus on beating the team in my local market Sunday…