NBA Restart

The NBA season officially gets back underway tonight. Aside from venue changes, crowd less arenas, and all sorts of new COVID-19 restrictions and rules to follow inside the bubble…the games themselves should be pretty much same old NBA.

The popular ‘hot take’ opinion this year from the talking heads seems to be when the NBA returns anyone can win. That it’s a crazy new start to the year and either this team or that team has a chance to make some noise, upset better teams, and get to the finals.

I’m here to tell you nothing could be further from the truth.

The end of the regular season and the playoffs may look and feel different, for all of the reasons mentioned above, but it’ll still be the usual suspects left standing at the end.

The NBA isn’t a league built for upsets, in any climate. Anytime you put two teams together and tell them to play a seven game series the better team will come out on top the vast majority of the time. It doesn’t matter if they play the games on the moon…

Expect the Bucks, Clippers, and Lakers to be fighting it out for the title after all is said and done.

Just like we all expected before any of us had even heard of COVID.