Twins Update Almost 40 Games In



I was just texting with a buddy and without giving it a second thought I wrote “I’m so desperate for this team to turn it around.” I wrote it in the context of us joking around, but as I sit here a few hours later, I believe that statement to be 100% true.

I’ve basically watched every game this season. They’ve been unlucky, they’ve been injured, they’ve had COVID, and they’ve been bad. Not the best combination of ingredients for any size of cocktail.

But I’ve said it before and I’m gonna do it again…We’re only a fourth of the way through the season, give or take, and I still think there’s time to turn it around.

It’s virtually impossible for the bullpen to continue down this path of inefficiency.

I’m hoping for a reaching of the 50-50 mark, and a shot at the wild card down the stretch.

And it starts tonight with the 6’9 phenom making his major league debut.

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