The Kirk Cousins Conundrum

In the free agency period before the 2018 NFL season Kirk Cousins agreed to let a camera crew follow him around and record the process.

It’s called NFL Life: Kirk Cousins. You can still find it on youtube.

I just watched it for the first time, only because it popped up on my recommendations and I didn’t want to search a long time for something.

Despite being the quarterback of the team I root for most in sports, I’ve never watched Cousin’s do so much as an interview. I don’t care about anything he has to say. It’s all just stereotypical BS put on repeat. I knew that about him when he was in Washington.

This documentary was a lot more of that status quo, but there was one scene that jumped out to me…

Kirk had just signed with the Vikings officially. He first tried to call his wife and got no answer. Then he tried his mom, dad, and sister, none of them answered either, and it appeared his sister hit ignore.

So what does he do? He calls the AAA guy (Yes, someone who randomly answers phones for the company) and tells him who he is and that he just signed his contract with the Vikings.

It’s an image that makes no sense, but also speaks volumes.

It was a scene that perfectly sums up Kirk Cousins career in Minnesota.

If you believe Everson Griffen, coach Zimmer never wanted him.

Much of the fanbase felt the same.

His stats have always been worth noticing, but his win/loss record for his career going into the Rams game was 58-58-2.


Sometimes you love him and he doesn’t love you back. Sometimes he sweeps you off your feet when you aren’t expecting it. But you can never trust him.

Sometimes we’re his family, sometimes we’re his AAA guy.

I don’t think Minnesota is going to be able to find a better quarterback for their team in the next 1-3 years than Cousins, but I also get why it’s time for both parties to separate.

His disingenuous talk, his lack of leadership, and his phony approach to the media are one thing. People can ignore that shit if you are winning.

But it magnifies when you don’t get vaccinated, say ‘I’m doing everything I can do to make sure I don’t get covid,” all while not doing the one thing that’s most necessary to prevent it, and then finding a way to test positive before a prime time Packers game on national TV that leaves his team virtually no chance of winning…because they spent all the money in the quarterback budget on him, robbing the Vikings the ability to sign a quality back-up,…That’s going too far.

I was willing to look away on a lot of stuff.

But it’s over man.

You’ll move on, post some more great stats, and no doubt get another big contract from someone.

But most Vikings fans will be like your family was when all that takes place. On the no-call list, not caring or paying attention.

Good Riddance.

Oh, by the way, your dad is a psychopath.

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