The Diggs Trade

This is Percy Harvin 2.0

Just shows where there’s smoke there’s fire. Also never believe a GM. Especially Rick Speilman, who is the most easily diagnosed press conference liar in NFL history. He thinks he’s being coy. But his words are like static on a 1980s TV to a conditioned Vikings fan. When he speaks, with those pathetic professor non-prescription glasses, it’s a giant waste of time. I wish one time when he called a press conference no one showed up…Be so funny. He probably wouldn’t even notice. He has prepared a generic, bullshit, cliche answer for 1000 possible questions. He rehearses them in his office. Trust me. Remember the Josh Freeman conference call press conference? Always a pause between answers to the questions asked to Freeman, followed by the PC answer. Speilman having no idea his Mic was on and everyone could hear him whispering the answers to his new QB as they went along. That sums it up. He’s the worst poker player in the world, and even when he sucks out (poker term) he doesn’t take advantage of it.

I’m glad Diggs was traded to Buffalo. One of my best friends has loved the Bills since he was 5. At least I’ll still get to root for him. And the way the offense is going to be structured going forward, and with the holes at CB and OL, the Vikings got fair value for him.

And if a Winfield Jr and a solid Offensive lineman I undoubtedly have never heard of come back in the draft as a result of this deal, I’ll smoke a cigar for old times sake.