The Bad Guys Won

I’ve been reading books since the pandemic started. Something I definitely didn’t normally do before the pandemic entered our lives.

Actual books in print are so cheap now, similar to buying DVD’s I’m guessing.

I just finished my third since March.

The Bad Guys Won. It’s about the 1986 Mets.

Before reading the book I didn’t know a whole lot about the team. I knew they were the team that beat the Red Sox in the World Series on the famous Bill Buckner error in game 6. I was aware of a few of the players on the team, and that’s about it.


Outstanding job making it interesting and telling the story.

Did you know Kevin Mitchell played for the Mets?

Did you know he was basically a gangster?

Doc Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, Lenny Dykstra…

Any of their backstories interest you?


If you’re gonna write a good book, it’s always about the stories behind the stories.

Back in these days, when there was no social media. The ability to cover anything up reigned down upon anyone with money and fame, and getting away with almost anything was the norm.

I appreciate the effort and the shamelessness of the author, and the players for the tell-all stories they produced from years ago.

These guys were nuts.

As far as reviews go….

Read it.

Especially if you like baseball and have any frame of reference on any of these guys.