Thank You Vikes

It’s always nice to get that first win under your belt. Obviously not ideal that it took till week 4 to do it, but I’ll take it because I didn’t think they were going to win today.

Once again, the defense somehow managed to be competitive, at times, and kept them in the game long enough to have a great chance to win. Even with Harrison Smith getting ejected from the game late in the first half, they rallied and were able to come up with some big stops, especially at the end. I thought Gladney showed some Antonie Winfield-like qualities with his tackling and ability to sniff out a couple of runs in the backfield. He got burned a couple times again, but I think he’ll figure it out. I like this kid’s future. Mike Hughes being out leaves zero void. I don’t think he should start even when he comes back healthy.

On offense, obviously handing Cook the ball 27 times and getting him a few more touches in the passing game is always going to be ideal. And we saw today how much that opens things up for other guys like Thielen and Jefferson. And obviously if Jefferson keeps playing like he has the last two weeks I’ll be ready to declare the Diggs trade a win for Minnesota. There’s still some times on offense where I think they get too cute with the play action and should just give Cook the ball, but overall I was happy with the balance and effectiveness today.

It was a good day to watch a Minnesota Vikings football game.

Next week they take on a top tier team and a top 3 quarterback when they travel out to Seattle, a place they never win, to play Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. The prediction for that game will be coming toward the end of the week.