“Some of the Smoke”

Call me crazy, but I haven’t heard Kwame Brown say a single thing I’ve disagreed with in the past few days. (With the possible exception of attacking Jemele Hill over a misunderstanding.)

I seem to be in the vast minority with that opinion.

Take his lack of ‘street cred’, the fact that he’s an NBA laughing stock (even though he played 12 years in the league), and any other preconceived notions about the man out of the equation…. and listen to him from an unbiased perspective. The base of all his arguments in this ridiculous feud is stronger than Barnes, Jackson, Arenas, or whoever.

There was never any reason for those guys to attack him. Brown sounds to me like a man who’s tired of being bullied. Which is something he’s had to deal with since being selected number 1 by Michael Jordan in the draft and working side by side with MJ in practice to “toughen him up.” Yeah. We all saw how that can go on “The Last Dance.”

Put away all the sexism, foul language, and attacking of manhoods, etc,…

And I stand with you Kwame.

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