Quick Twins Pregame

We lost game 1. That’s baseball. Get over it. The stars are still lined up. We can do this. It starts in the first Inning with Barrios. Get it on cruise control early.

At the dish I have faith that all these balls we’ve been hitting hard but right at somebody are gonna find the holes today. Just keep putting runners on. We got this.

The smartest friend I have told me an hour ago ‘Today’s the day the hot Rosario liner bounces around down in the corner and scores 3.’ (Yesterday with the bases loaded the first baseman had a look what I found off of Rosario’s bat in the 1st.)

He also predicts Sano will have a big day. Which might be one of the dumbest things he’s ever said in his life. But since it’s him, I’m gonna roll with it.

Let’s go Twins. It starts today.

Let’s relive some of that mystique you see above.

***Update: Tough series for the Twins. Season over. Maybe next year.***