NFL Week 3 Lock and Vikings Prediction

I cooled off a bit last week but only slightly. The Vikings lost on a last second missed field goal and that damn half point cost me when the Rams only beat the Colts by 3 instead of 4 or more.

But, that’s poker.

And that’s the NFL: Don’t tell me about the labor, show me the baby.

Let’s take another stab at it this week.

My lock pick is more about the Jaguars being bad than the Cardinals being good…I’ll take Arizona to beat Jacksonville by more than 7.5 this week. Jacksonville looks like they’ve gotten into a bad marriage with Urban Meyer, and the divorce is looking like it’s going to be expensive (if he can make it long enough to get fired and not quit on his own.)

Arizona obviously showed what their offense can do against a good defense last Sunday. As long as there is no hangover from last week and they’re not looking ahead to the Rams next week, I think they’ll win by a couple of touchdowns. Lets say 33-16.

And now to our favorite day of the year…our annual matchup against the Seattle Seahawks.

Those motherfuckers.

You know what…Here’s my analysis of this game…FUCK YOU SEATTLE!

You finally have to come to Minnesota. So let’s just see what happens.

I don’t care that Russell Wilson is 7-0 against Minnesota in his career and, frankly, I don’t want to hear about the injuries on either side this week either.

This is the week we will find out what Minnesota is made of. You wanna be a top team in the league? Okay…you actually have to win games. I don’t wanna hear multiple times “We’re two plays away from being 2-0” from Mike Zimmer! Dude…This is your EIGHTH year coaching the fucking team. Every other coach in the NFL who has just as much, or more, tenure has won a super bowl.

Figure it out.

If you can’t win a close game then don’t leave any doubt about it…Feel free to win by 14!


Get a win this week. Find a way to not give Russell Wilson the ball at the end with a chance to win. You absolutely know what’s gonna happen if you do…

You’ll be 0-3 standing at the podium next week saying “we’re three plays away from being 3-0” after someone boots an easy INT and Wilson throws the winning touchdown on the next play of the final drive.

Tired of this.

Win the fucking game against Seattle and save your season.

I don’t care how you do it.

We owe them one.

Minnesota 24 Seattle 14



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  1. Jacob
    September 26, 2021

    Nailed it!


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