NFL Week 2 Lock and Vikings Prediction

These are both super easy again this week.

Get back on that Rams train.

I’m not 100% sure what the Colts business model is at this point in the season. They looked awful last week and Carson Wentz is trending to find himself out of the league in a couple of years.

The Rams are super strong defensively and will only get better offensively week to week with Mathew Stafford.

I’ll take the Rams (-3.5) to beat the Colts 27-13 this week.

You’re welcome.

The Vikings game will be a little closer to call.

The Cardinals had a big game last week and their quarterback looks like he’s ready to conquer the league.

The Vikings struggled in every area except special teams in a loss to the Bengals. (As predicted by yours truly.)

As most of you know, I love the Vikings chances this season. And Week 1 was always gonna happen, whether it was early or late in the season, they were bound to play a sloppy game like that at some point.

I look for Minnesota to rebound this week and win this game.

There aren’t a lot of statistics I can pull out of the bag to support such a victory prognostication. Most of them, and common sense, would support the opposite result taking place in Arizona Sunday afternoon.

But I’m going back to my favorite well: The human element.

Ah, the human element of sports…it’s a beautiful thing.

The Cardinals are coming off a big win, where they played great, and everyone is telling them how good they are.

The Vikings are coming off a ‘surprising’ loss (not to me of course) and everyone is telling them how awful they are.

The truth is both of these teams are solid, but Minnesota will be more motivated to prove that this week.

Look for Dalvin to have a big day, Cousins to play well, and Tyler Conklin to introduce himself to the league this week.

It’ll be close but Minnesota will pull away late.

Give me Minnesota (+4.5) to win outright in Arizona 30-21.



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