Looking Ahead to the Bucs

It’s amazing. The game against the Bucs this week is actually happening the way I hoped and predicted…

Minnesota Vikings (6-6) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5).

Potential playoff berths and playoff positioning on the line.

I don’t have a true ‘feeling’ for what’s going to happen in that game yet. When that itch is ready to scratch I will certainly pass it along to my readers.

What I know to be true is that these two teams have been headed in different directions the past few weeks. Tampa Bay has lost 3 of their last 4. Minnesota has won 5 of their last 6.

Tom Brady is 5-0 in his career against Minnesota. None of those games were particularly close either. Of course he was in his 20s and 30s for those games, working within the comfort of a familiar system, in the middle of the best dynasty in NFL history, while playing for the best coach in the league, at the time.

Not on the decline and still trying to learn a brand new offense and its personnel, while in his early to mid 40s.

Are you ready for this statistic?…The Vikings offense ranks 4th in the league, overall, while Tampa Bay ranks 18th.

Kirk Cousins ranks 9th in QB rating, while Brady lands at 15th.


Defensively Tampa Bay is basically better in every statistical category.

And the Vikings have one of the worst special teams units in the league.

Also it should be noted that Minnesota has only beaten one team this year with a winning record (Packers week 8.)

I cannot wait to predict this game.

(The above content will probably be just about all the statistics you’re gonna get concerning this week’s prediction.)

Look for something to be posted around Thursday evening. I’m guessing it’ll be more of an emotional prediction than an analytical one.

***Important Note***: By beating the Jaguars last week the Vikings playoff chances jumped from 28% to 40%. (The team had a 3% chance after week 7 with a 1-5 record.)