Locks of Week 2

Keeping with the theme of perfect predictions thus far, we go to Week 2 in the NFL. It starts tonight in Cleveland with Bengals vs Browns. Nobody should ever say they have confidence in either one of these pathetic franchises in any game they ever play. So, that said, Vegas puts the line at Cleveland -6.0. That means you get the gift of betting with the team that the BROWNS are playing against…never a bad thing…plus 6 points. I’ll take that every single Sunday please. Thank you. By the way I would have made the exact same argument, and bet opposite, if the Bengals were favored by 6.

I’ll take the Bengals and the points tonight.

Now back to my bread and butter. Anyone could see what was going to happen in that Vikings-Packers game last week. I’m not going to give myself too much credit because it was so easy to see coming. Although, with all the ‘experts’ that picked the other way, maybe I should. Regardless, this week Minnesota goes to Indy. This game is going to be a little different, stay focused and follow. I promise I’ll get you there.

What I think of the Vikings defense still goes back to their corners. That’s just how it’s going to be all year. I give them zero credit for being competitive last week, but it’s also a tall order for any defensive backfield, much-less a brand new unit made up of 5 guys all 23 and younger, with 3 rookies, all together for the first time back there, to go up against Aaron Rodgers in week 1.

This week it’s Phillip Rivers. And the Colts are favored by 3.

Rivers is the perfect QB to go up against the week after playing Rodgers. The week 1 baptism by fire is over. This guy is gonna be laboring around out there in the same giant knee brace he’s been lugging around since 2008, grunting into every ten yard or cross-field throw he makes, and yapping his gums like crazy to the refs and opposition. He’s done this for over 15 years, usually out of the no-huddle, down 2-8 points, with under two minutes left in the game, no timeouts. He’s going to be doing this most weeks, regardless of the defense he’s playing.

The Vikings defense overall was embarrassing in week 1. I think they’ll play a little better in week 2. Combine that with not having to worry about keeping a strong-armed QB in the pocket (They’d love it if Phillip Rivers was forced to scramble all game, the opposite is true for Rodgers) this week, and the offense going against a Colt defense that just flat out isn’t very good, I think this will be a close game. I look for the Vikings to be there with a chance to win at the end.

And don’t forget Xavier Rhodes is now a Colt, which gives the Viking receivers at least one open side of the field to work with on passing downs all day.

Having said all that, I think Vegas got this game exactly right. I think it’ll come to a field goal try at the end for one of these two teams. And if I think that, I have to pick the Vikings +3.

I just hope it’ll be the Vikings making or the Colts missing at the end. Either way you’ll be good on your money. Go with the Vikings this week.

Bonus Pick: Vikings-Colts over 48

***SEASON RECORD: 2-0***