Kevin O’Connell vs Mike Zimmer

I know everyone was playing ‘Hail to the Chief’ for new Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell after the Vikings week 1 victory over Green Bay. And, even though some of that shine may have worn off after their loss in week 2, I still think the Vikings hired the right person to coach this team.

But his press conferences??? I can’t watch anymore.

It took only two weeks, but I’m out.

Can they bring back Mike Zimmer to just do the post game press conferences?

I miss that old grump…

His short fuse combined with his non calculated approach to the media at the podium after the game always led to him saying something off the cuff. I watched every week with anticipation.

Kevin you’re too good at this. You’re too smart for this. You’re too young for this. You’re too long-winded for this.

Most of all…you get it.

Glad you’re the Vikings coach.

Hate that you lack so much in entertainment value at the podium.

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