Hunter in Camp

In a move that finally, and shockingly, makes sense for all parties involved, the Vikings and star Danielle Hunter have found a way to come to an agreement that puts the player into mandatory minicamp ahead of any holdouts, fines, or other potential drama.



It’s something I’ve written about multiple times, and, quite frankly, could have commented on daily for the past 8 months. And, of course, I was, as Marisa Tomei says in My Cousin Vinny, “dead-on-balls-accurate” the whole time.

In what world do you hold out with 3 years left on a 14.5 million dollar-a-year contract when you are coming off a neck injury that sidelined you for an entire season? It makes zero sense, no matter how you feel you’re valued among your peers.

And in what world do you, as an organization, allow something like this to spiral out of control in the media or with the player?


So you finally reworked the deal, payed him more up front this year, and are giving him the chance to prove it?

Wait…And then the onus comes back on the team to pony up the money he deserves or allow either side to cut ties and let somebody else take on that burden after the coming season?


Amazing fucking concept.

I don’t understand how that conclusion wasn’t reached 5-8 months ago between the two sides. I guess the business world is just too far above my head.

Luckily the common sense world I reside in seems to be paying off just fine.

All that said, the fact that Danielle Hunter is officially back in the fold for the 2021 season (assuming he is healthy) adds to my overall prediction and optimistic outlook for this team coming out on fire next year and competing at an extremely high level once again.

I will obviously write a lot more about that in the very near future but…

This offseason gets an A from me.

And even if the positive results I’m expecting only last for a year because of the way current contracts of various management positions are constructed (as I also previously wrote about) they’ve still got my complete attention, understanding, and respect.

Now let’s push this offseason to an A+ and get Harrison Smith signed to an extension before the season starts so I don’t have that cloud hanging over my head all year.

Also I’m hearing Sheldon Richardson might come back. C’mon home Sheldon.

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