Harrison Smith

Harrison Smith did a 16 minute press conference today. I just finished watching it.

His, and any other Viking’s player, press conferences aren’t usually even half that long.

He’s got a great personality. It doesn’t always come out in the media, but trust me I’ve done my research–even named my son after the guy–it’s there. He’s the dry, bland, tongue-in-cheek, loyal, sarcastic, spare-me-the-bullshit type. That’s why today’s press conference was so great.

I don’t usually watch player press conferences for three reasons: I come away feeling really smart, really stupid, or get extremely bored. The overwhelming majority of the time it’s the latter. What they say is almost always useless. And that’s usually how Harrison Smith comes off, which is why, even though he’s my favorite player, I never bother to click on his pressers.

Today when I saw it was 16+ minutes long I had to watch and see what the deal was. I found out in the first 30 seconds. The first few questions were about his ejection from last Sunday’s game and what he thought about it. Clearly he was annoyed by that whole situation, and rightfully so.

He kept answering the questions, with odd facial expressions and what I would describe as borderline eye-rolls. His tone of voice only went up or down a few clicks here or there, making it hard to tell when he was being serious or sarcastic.

My cup of tea. It was an amazing 16 minutes.

Throughout most of the press conference he possessed a grin like Andruw Jones used to have at the dish for the Atlanta Braves…Like he always knew a secret no one else knew.

After each of the first two questions he’d asked the journalist/reporter/writer/(s) the same question right back, or inquire about their opinions on the matter. It definitely threw the veteran beat reports off at first and you could tell it took a little getting used to for them. And It became the theme of the press conference.

He talked about everything. And when the questions got more and more absurd he seemed bask in them. Even saying “It’s fine, I’m in no hurry today fellas,” when the Zoom room of reporters could smell the chum in the water and all tried to talk at once. They started asking him all sorts of questions they’ve been wanting to ask for years, but haven’t had the time or access.

One guy even asked him a long drawn out question about his hair, calling him a badass, to which his simple response was ‘Thank you.’

The whole thing sort of reminded me of how he treats the average-to-lower-tier quarterbacks in the league. He goads them, baits them, then owns em. When he plays against those guys it isn’t fair.

Let’s not go crazy here, this wasn’t the Allen Iverson Practice press conference by any means. I doubt you’ll see it picked up and run nationally on Sportscenter or go viral on the internet. You have to have an appreciation for Smith to truly understand the beauty of this thing.

But ever since he made his first behind the line of scrimmage hit on a running back in 2012 I’ve loved this guy. I started reading about him and loved him even more. He’s always been the truth on the field and I’ve always heard of his personality off of it. Today I finally got to see it with my own eyes without speculation. Worth the eight year wait.

Proud of you 22.

Watch for yourselves if you’ve got 16 minutes to kill…