Goodnight Aaron

What a great Sunday.

I encourage everyone to check out the article featuring Aaron Rodgers describing how hard it was for him to deal with a ‘well it’s worse than turf toe’ injury he came into this weeks game with.

Poor guy.

By the way would you know? Have you ever had turf toe before?


That’s an injury that ended Deion Sanders career. And ‘Prime-Time’ was ten times more athletic and tougher than you are.

Honorable mention to this quote “I’ll have to make it to the bye week and use that time to rest and get better.”

Really? Bye week? What the hell have you been doing? 10 days of covid quarantine and taking this week off from practice was too taxing on that toe?

Yeah. Bye week oughta do it.

Nice hair.

By the way what happened to that toe? You dropped a steak knife on that fucking thing while you were doing one of those silly ass hippie dances with your wife during an organic dinner prep didn’t you? Livin in the moment…right Aaron? I get it man. Release those mind muscles.

I remember when I was 13, I had to take a deep breath one time so I wouldn’t punch a kid who was making fun of me for having a pacemaker…

Same sort of thing.

You and me are a lot alike.

All the best.

See you in the playoffs.

By the way…Have you checked out Kirk Cousins numbers this year?…I know…Shocking…better than your MVP stats from a year ago…Plus he’s been honest about his delusional mindset on vaccinations from day one.

Enjoy your night.

See ya in the morning.

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