Danielle Hunter

Why am I reading from everyone reporting on Hunter having season ending neck surgery that the Vikings will have a decision to make on his future before next year?

I’ve seen it from Ian Rapoport, Tom Pelissero, and even Courtney Cronin (Vikings reporting Godess).

What in the hell?

He signed a 5 year contract 2 years ago! Everything I’ve read has told me the Vikings will either need to make him the highest paid player at his position next year or trade him. Please explain…

Or, how about…He has three years left on a deal he signed 1 year premature to his rookie contract ending. They already gave him a season without paying him the last year of his shitty rookie deal…now he’s sitting out this entire year with a neck injury. I repeat…a NECK injury.

Familiar with how that goes? Ask Peyton Manning about the zip on his fastball after his neck surgery, or better yet just look at the tape. Ask Mike Hughes, current ‘number 1 corner’ on your Minnesota Viking roster, how his neck injury is going. Jermichael Finley was immediately done. Football and neck injuries don’t mix.

Remember David Wright? And he played BASEBALL!

Are you telling me the Vikings have to make an immediate decision on what they have to do contract-wise on a player with 3 years left on his current deal paying him over 14.5 million dollars annually?

He’s a free agent in 2024, (2024!) and in the NFL that means your team can keep you until 2026.

You can argue, with a looming neck injury recovery, the Vikings should go to him about restructuring for cap space. What am I missing?

I don’t know anything about Hunter as a person, except for what I read (good guy, good teammate). I don’t know if his agent is behind the scenes spreading the word trying to get a bigger deal done or if Danielle is somewhere bitching about his value.

What I do know is this: He proved last year he’s the best player they have on defense. And he’ll be coming off a season where he played zero games and had neck surgery.

How about you get your ass out there, show me you can stay healthy, produce, and be a good teammate next year. Then get back to me.

No way in hell I’m paying you a cent more than your current deal is worth before next year.

This talk about restructuring a 5 year contract after two years because the player isn’t getting paid fair market value, after missing the entire 2nd year of the deal with a career threatening neck injury is literally the most insane thing I’ve ever heard.

Regardless of who he is and where he plays.

I absolutely can’t be wrong on this.

Spend the rest of this season getting the next guy ready if you’re Minnesota, and if you think the guys you have aren’t on the roster at season’s end, look to the draft or free agency.

And if the threat of a holdout comes next offseason or sometime near training camp, simply ignore it. You’ll be used to playing without him anyways. And he will be powerless.