Cowboys-Vikings Preview

This matchup would be a lot more interesting nationally if either team had been where they were supposed to be at this stage of the season.

It still very much interests me. Nothing I like more than my local market team wallowing in the sorrows of their reality of scarce production.

I hate the Cowboys. Been taught to dislike them since I was a little boy, and nothing in my thinking during my alleged adulthood has made those feelings change.

When I heard they hired Mike McCarthy I loved it. He should’ve been fired from Green Bay years before they finally pulled the plug on him. He basically ruined the prime of Aaron Rodgers career. In 13 seasons with Favre and Rodgers he won one super bowl. Congratulations. Who could forget the way he coached that 2014 NFC Championship game against the Seahawks? (Kicked two field goals on 4th and goal from the 1-yard line in the first quarter, then blew 16-0 lead.) Dreadful.

Great hire Dallas. How’s that working out for ya?

Normally I’d say Dallas has a slight advantage in a game like this because they are coming off the bye. But not the McCarthy-lead Cowboys. Another week to prepare just leaves him more time to screw up…mix up game-plans, confuse players and assistants, and over/under think everything. It’s beautiful.

Take 2 weeks if you need it Mike. We got time.

Terrible hire.

Now let’s get to some X’s and O’s quick.

This is the rare game where it looks like (on paper) Minnesota should dominate.

Mike Zimmer practiced against Andy Dalton 3-5 days a week, for years, when they were both with the Bengals. He’s very familiar with the former Bengal-turned-Dallas backup-turned-starter.

Zimmer also has plenty of experience coaching against McCarthy and has posted a 5-4-1 career record against him. I’d argue McCarthy had the better team in all those games, minus the one Rodgers missed due to injury.

Minnesota has an excellent running game, Dallas not much of a running defense. The Vikings passing game has certainly been better the last three weeks than most aerial attacks in the league, and has taken care of the ball much better in that time. The Cowboys are banged up in the secondary and aren’t very good back there even when healthy.

The Vikings are a little banged up on the offensive line this week and the Cowboys possess some quick linebackers who excel in getting to the quarterback, which will be something to keep an eye on as a Viking fan.

But Zeke doesn’t scare me. The passing attack lead by Dalton doesn’t scare me. Ultimately the skill guys the Vikings have on offense, Cook, Jefferson, Thielen, etc, will be too much for the Cowboys defense to deal with.

I’m sure the Cowboys will get more points than I expect and they’ll somehow make it a game, because that’s what always happens to the Vikings anytime they show up to the stadium and should win.

But let’s put some faith in the purple this week.

Vikings 31 Cowboys 27.

Side note: I really hope the Vikings win this game. I cannot wait to breakdown possible playoff scenarios involving other teams, but it’s not plausible without at least a .500 record. They really need to get to 5-5 this week.