Ain’t Too Proud to Beg?

(Definitely not what the Temptations had in mind…)

Let’s face it. No one wants their favorite sports team to lose.

So with about 2-3 hours until game time I’m gonna do something I’ve never done:


C’mon Vikings. Can you please win tonight? I’m not gonna tell you I’m a good guy or give you a bunch of bogus reasons why I deserve you going out and getting a victory…

But it really sucks when you aren’t relevant. This win would keep alive a slim shred of hope and take us right into next week with positive vibes.

Don’t wanna be bogged down long term with my feelings? That’s okay…I completely understand.

We can play it by ear. Let’s go week to week on this thing. That’s just fine with me. Win this week and we’ll worry about Sunday next Sunday. Agreed?

I need a reason to call up the old man on Sunday and Monday nights, and your victories are my favorite excuse. And I can honestly tell you he is a good guy and he deserves to root for a winning team. Do it for him. Not for me.

Do it for my Mom who gets more nervous during the games than he does, and who, despite 25+ years of watching football with us, still doesn’t understand why it’s a good thing for the kicking team when they are able to pin their opponent inside the 5 yard line on a punt by not letting the ball roll into the end-zone…Wait, why is that good for us again?

Let’s teach her why once-and-for-all tonight, in a winning effort.

Do it for my older son who will be watching the game with me tonight. Do it for his growth and for my ability to set an example…the more positive things you make happen against the Bears tonight, the fewer negative things will run through his head about his father. He doesn’t need to know what’s all in my vocabulary. Not yet anyway. There’s spare him those harsh words tonight.

Or do it for my little ones. Mara likes her ‘Mickey Viking’ and Harrison said “We’re gonna get those Bears” to me earlier today, when I put my Viking shirt on. Let’s show them it’s okay to believe in something and be rewarded. Let’s keep the family tradition going and not scare them off so soon.

Let’s do this.

This is a winnable game.

Do it in any way or fashion you want to. I don’t care.

2-0 is fine. 77-76 is just dandy too.

Just get it done.


I beg you.