A New Regime

Mike Zimmer has nothing to be ashamed of.

But it’s time for a new regime.

For 8 years the Vikings put a competitive team on the field every single week.

But the dream is over.

I love you man. But we are going in different directions.

I’ll always look back on our time together and think fondly of it.

But it’s time to move on.

I feel bad you never had a big-armed, franchise, hall of fame, take over the game type of quarterback to help hide some of your coaching deficiencies, like many of your peers have had and done for decades (I’m looking right at you Mike McCarthy).

You extracted the absolute maximum from the situation you walked into, turned that embarrassing defense around very quickly, and provided a new spark to both the players and the fan base.

But that flame no longer flickers.

You did it your way as long as you could, and should walk out with your head high, no regrets.

I will look back on your eight years as a success.

Unfortunately now it’s time to tear the house down.

And let me be the first to say it…that means trade Justin Jefferson right now. If someone wants to give up two first round picks to acquire him, its a no brainer.

He already showed signs of displeasure with Cousins yesterday (as previously easily predicted by yours truly before the game in my previous post) and if they keep him around their relationship will only continue to deteriorate. Viking fans have all read this book before with Culpepper-Moss, Harvin-Ponder, Diggs-Cousins.

These relationships don’t just magically heal, especially when the ego continues to grow…as everyone in the world continues to tell Justin Jefferson how good he is.

Cousins should get traded in a move that makes the most sense in a rebuild, but even so, have fun catching passes from a rookie mid round pick or a veteran journeyman holding down the position for a year JJ.

You’ll realize quickly how good you truly had it with Kirk in either one of those scenarios.

Trade anyone on the team you can get a first round pick for. No one is untouchable except Brian O’Neill.

It was a fun while it lasted and there were some good years in there, but it’s time to turn the page.

It’s time to start over.

Be prepared for 1-5 years of absolutely shitty football Vikings fans, the likes of which will make this season seem like we were watching the 1998 or 2009 team, with no guarantee to come out any better on the back end.

My new coach endorsement: Doug Peterson.


Up to you.

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