2020 Vikings Draft

I previewed the draft in an earlier post, basically just pointing out my preferences on what positions they should pick, while admitting I have zero ‘break-down’ knowledge of any players available.

With the caveat of knowing that ‘grading’ a draft is pointless, useless, and arbitrary…especially if its done the same year, and right after the draft…I do like that two out of the first three picks were at positions of great need in CB and OT. I argue they don’t need a WR as bad as everyone else says they do based on the offense they hope to run this year. They disagreed. Hopefully they picked a good one with their first pick. Overall I’m satisfied. Now I have to hope they got lucky and hit on a few of these guys.

I just wish one of them would have been Antoine Winfield Jr.

Also, seeing as how it’s clear now as to what my feelings are about the draft and how it’s basically one big crap shoot, I like that the Vikings drafted 15 total players, the most of any team in the NFL.

I won’t be giving a ‘grade’ but maybe I’ll go back a few years and grade one of the Vikings’ past drafts, seeing as how 3-5 years later would be the only logical time to give a realistic evaluation of each player.