The fact that you can look up any random thing or any uncompleted memory and almost always instantly find it is amazing. If it wasn’t for idiots trying to be YouTube famous, it would be the best invention ever. My top 10 things to watch on YouTube in no order:

Karate Kid III Trailer

David Letterman – Bear Story

The Malice at the Palace

CSI Miami – Endless Caruso One-Liners

Troy Williamson (He has 3 or 4 short clips that deeply affected my life)

Bette Midler Wynonna Judd – The Rose (the long version)

Greg Cote – Back In My Day

David Letterman – Taco Bell

Rodney Dangerfield’s Best Gambling Jokes

Water Boat Poker Strategy – Any of the lessons are hilarious. If I had to choose a few I’d go with: Slow-rolling, Reverse Twilighting, and Gappers.