Top 10 Halloween Movies of All Time

There are literally no good halloween movies.

I have never looked back on any movie I’ve watched and said the phrase “That’s a good halloween movie.”

My beautiful wife has been staying up the last three nights trying to figure out the perfect list of 100 (yes, you read that correctly, ONE HUNDRED!) halloween movies, sorted by different age groups and time periods.

Every time I glance over at her screen I either haven’t heard of the movie she’s reviewing, or think it’s awful.

Or…maybe the deeper question here is…what even constitutes a halloween movie?

Does any movie that’s meant to be scary qualify?

Does it merely have to be scary?

Is it just a movie based around the halloween time of year?

If so, is the original Karate Kid a halloween movie then? (A notion that is similar to that age old question, ‘is Die Hard a Christmas movie?’) Because if it is, that’s number one. That’s it. That’s the list.

Can a cartoon be a halloween movie? Is Casper?

It’s too much.

I’ll just stick with my original premise.

There are no good halloween movies.

By the way, anyone happen to see the marquee matchup the NFL is featuring on halloween night this year? I predict a scaaaaaaary finish for the visiting team in that house of horrors…

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