Texas Turmoil

I just want to comment briefly on this whole Texas extreme weather situation.

It’s been in the news for awhile and anyone who cares I’m sure has been updated on all sorts of aspects on what has happened.

I’m not gonna bore you with the stories of pipes bursting, people needlessly dying, or Ted Cruz heading South for the winter,…all during what reminded me of an absolutely mundane first snowfall of the year usually sometime in October in my home state of Montana.

I’m just happy my family and I were lucky to get out of the whole ordeal unscathed, without any major heartaches.

Now that we’ve concluded the Texas “we’re our own badass, smarter-than-your, come and take ’em, piss on you federal government–until we actually need help with something we botched in the first place–state conversation…Let’s move on to more important things…

It was 66 degrees today. I was able to take Mara and Harrison outside twice, both before lunch and after their naps.

While they were napping I was able to play basketball with Travis for an hour and a half. Taught him a lesson or two in H-O-R-S-E and 21-TIP.

(While I was waiting on him to come out I made 20 straight free throws. Started out 2 for 4, then burned off 20 in a row before finishing at 22-25. Like it was nothing. Decided to quit right there at the 88% mark.)

After that the little ones woke up and Harrison ripped around on his bike for awhile, cruising by all the neighborhood kids who glared at him with envy, both for his stylish bike and his skills.

The night cap took me to the living room to beat up on Chloe at MarioKart. Not much of a match.

Now I’m sitting in my office typing all this out while drinking a Mike’s Harder on the rocks.

This is of course after I tucked the little ones into bed and read them a bedtime story around 8 o’clock.

And I can’t leave out the pleasure of eating Chinese take-out my mother-in-law ordered AND PAID FOR, for everyone as well.

How about that?


Also a package my old man sent me via USPS which was supposed to be here last week, that I wrote off to being lost because it was in transit during the whole storm fiasco, arrived today. It included several books he found laying around his house that I’ll no doubt take interest in, a little Vikings sweatshirt for Mara, and a pirate bandana for Harrison.

He’s going through a big pirate phase right now.

“He’s got a cutlass in his bites…”

In a perfect world I’ll climb into bed shortly, turn on the tv, find only a few minutes left in a close college or NBA game, and enjoy an ending for the ages.

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  1. GFY
    February 23, 2021

    Spoken like a true asshole. Texas doesn’t want you either buddy.

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