6 Ways To Cope With Tension and Stress

Some people cry, hit a pillow, go running, or work out. I don’t think I’ve ever hit any pillows. I’ve cried many times but it’s not a preference and only seems to stress me out more. I’m not a fan of running or working out, although lately I’ve started doing both again.

When there’s tension or stress in my life I like to do a few different things.

Getting Out On The Golf Course. That would be my first choice. I can alleviate a lot of stress by merely swinging that club. And being out in the peace and quiet relaxes me. Not to mention I find the game fun, and focusing on doing well, and laughing about how bad I suck, takes my mind off any tensions or stresses I might have.

Spend Time With The Little Kids. This helps as well. Not necessarily if they’re playing with other younger kids, but when it’s just us walking around, riding bikes or cars, or merely watching them play with their toys. All of those times, when I take a deep breath, look at them, and it syncs in…That’s when I realize whatever stress I’m going through is worth it. Although sometimes the kids are the cause of the stress, so during those times I’d probably be better off…

Taking A Drive. It’s another thing I like to do. Ideally with a Minnesota Twins baseball game on the radio as I go. But I’ll settle for whoever the Rangers are playing. I love everything about baseball. Listening to it on the radio is calming. The fact that you can still do it amazes me. In the age of streaming, and every game of any sport being played anywhere at anytime available on TV, I love that I can still listen to a baseball game on AM or FM radio the same way they did in the 1920’s. While baseball is on in the background, I’ll ideally be driving around to places I’m not familiar with. Just driving around. I’ll turn on the GPS after I intend to go back home. I’ve ended up in some pretty crazy places. Almost ended up nose down in a creek once, when the dirt road I was driving on had a broken bridge right around the sharp corner. Nothing like a little road trip.

Listen To My Favorite Podcast. I’ll do this during a drive if there’s no baseball game on the radio. It’s tough to just sit somewhere and listen, so I’ll do it when I’m folding laundry or cutting the grass. Or maybe late at night if my wife has already fallen asleep and I’m not tired—a very rare occurrence. Something like that. The podcast(s) I usually go with have Dan Le Batard, Stugotz, and/or David Samson in there somewhere. Sports mixed with comedy and some ridiculous arguments along the way. Very easily listening. But it’s an acquired taste. You have to get the show.

Troll Friends. I also have 2 or 3 buddies that I’ll troll in text messages every once in awhile. This seems to help with stress. I always know exactly what to say to these guys to get them riled up. The responses provide good comedic relief. As an added bonus, one of them is a Packer fan. They troll me every once in awhile too. Some of the funniest text messages I’ve received in my lifetime have come on Sundays during, or after, a losing effort from the Vikings.

Write. Obviously one of my favorite ways of coping with tension or stress is to write. It’s a good release.