Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs

I’ve been watching and listening to a lot of this band’s music recently.

But I’m way late to the party.

I’m so proud of this band. It’s great to look at someone you’ve known since 6th grade and literally see him doing what he’s always dreamt of doing. It makes me proud to know him.

I’ve lost touch with the Banjo player, but I used to be real good friends with him in high school and college. I also know his brother, who’s also in the band.

If you’ve never heard of Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs you need to check them out.

Their sound is best described as bluegrass Americana. Folk music vibes with original songs and covers as well.

Here are a couple links to get you started.

They originated from Bozeman, Montana and have been highly successful doing live shows in various states across the country.

The talent level, as far as just being straight-up legit musicians, is off the charts. The Demarais brothers have played multiple instruments ever since I’ve known them.