Jazz Clubs

I just got back from the store. When I pulled into the driveway my next door neighbor was coming out to his.

We have a causal, small-talk, superficial relationship. I had a beer with him a time or two. Good guy.

I get out of the car…

“Hey Jordan, how ya doin’, what have you been up to lately? Haven’t see ya in awhile…”

“Oh hey, yeah I’ve just mostly been hanging out at Jazz clubs.”

“Oh really? Which ones?”

Awwwww. I had nothing for him. He got me. I was obviously just making that up, on a whim, and for no reason. Not sure why I wasn’t ready for that follow up question.

I just trailed off and went inside.

I’m losing it. In the old days I would have had something for him.

But today I reached back and there was nothing there.

I knew I wasn’t 22 anymore physically, that’s obvious, but I was supremely humbled just now finding out that mentally—my wittiness and ability to BS and improvise through anything may be falling off as well.


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  1. Marcus
    February 28, 2021

    No way. Yeah I don’t look at u and see jazz club bro.

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