Back To Montana

I sent a text to my sister this morning:

Me: We’re officially coming back to Montana next month.

Her: You’re moving back?

Me: No, just visiting again for a couple of weeks

Her: Well I’m excited but I was a lot more excited when I thought you were moving here.

Me: Yeah, might’ve screwed up with the wording on that first text.

Regardless, on my mothers out of the blue suggestion, (because she’s dying to see the kids and coming down to Texas is voluntarily coming into the cesspool of COVID) and a few strict demands and guidelines to follow, we have decided to make another run this summer to the BIG SKY STATE.

The kids are elated. Plenty of stuff to do when we get there. The younger kids are both a year older, which helps. And frankly, we’ve been stagnating a little bit as a family. All this quarantine/COVID shit is weighing on all of us. We need an adventure and a change of scenery.

Driving to Montana hits the spot.

Can’t wait to see how many times Harrison has to pee after we just pulled over, or how many times Chloe acts like she’s too good for the trip to respond to a reasonable question shouted her way six times while she sits in the back of the van inaudible. Or how many times Travis brings the exact same thing up again and again, thinking it’s funny but no one has heard it yet. No Trav, we heard you loud and clear. We’re ignoring you. It’s just not funny. Or how many times Mara screams at the top of her lungs for no reason. Or how many times my wife suggests something I completely disagree with and have to nod in acceptance and bite my tongue….

But It’ll all be worth it once we hit that MT border.

See you soon.