A Guide To Watching Netflix Original Movies


Every time we pick a movie to watch, and it’s a Netflix original, the experience is completely underwhelming.

Netflix is a massive careless content producing machine. It puts out dud after dud after dud, without any worry or regard for quality or reputation.

Their original series and documentaries are a different story…Jump on in.

But the movies have no substance and exist just to legitimize their volume of content they can advertise to the public.

They absolutely nail the descriptions and blurbs on these originals though. And the little trailers and teasers they put out definitely do an excellent job of luring in a potential viewer…And every once in awhile one of their movies might hit big. But for the most part, nada.

And just for editorial, explanation, and clarity purposes…Yes, I know a lot of movies are put out there with the ‘so bad that it’s good’ model to satisfy that audience type. I get that. The Sharknado’s of the world. I understand. Not my thing but I respect it. It should have its own genre.

I’m specifically talking about the movies that are supposed to be serious/good and never are.

Unfortunately, you can’t look at the credibility of the actors featured in these pictures to give you any sort of clue as to whether they’ll be good or not either. I’ve been fooled by many. Including Kevin Bacon, Meryl Streep, and Billy Bob Thornton, among others.

The only definitive way to tell if these movies are duds is by the endings. So It’s basically impossible without watching it. Pretty much every single Netflix original movie has the same BS ending. Essentially the movie will have a storyline that goes nowhere, and they’ll always drop in an ending without a definitive conclusion. In Layman’s terms, the movie abruptly ends before it should, before all the loose ends are tied up…And make you think about it…..ooooooohhhh.

The formula itself is genius. Nobody ever fast-forwards straight to the ending when they sit down and watch a movie to see if it’s any good or not. And even if they did,…how the hell would they know? (if all the loose ends were tied up) They couldn’t. They haven’t seen the movie yet. It’s brilliant.

I’m actually always happy when a Netflix original abruptly ends early. It was a shitty movie anyway. The sooner it’s over the better in that scenario.

Every Netflix original movie I’ve seen is a poor imitation, and a failed duplicate, of the model used in The Usual Suspects. The Usual Suspects is an average movie with an amazing ending. I’d argue one of the better endings in movie history. It’s easy for the American public to view a movie as being great/epic simply by it having an ending with a twist. There are countless examples of this.

Netflix originals produce these sort of endings to make you think the whole movie was super deep, cunning, against the grain, and innovative. It’s a successful method and it has fooled many people.

Just not me anymore.