39 Years Old

Some memories of birthday’s past:

Last year.

My 20th.

—I ended up meeting my dad in Florida to “help” him with his boat in April of 2012.

(Take it from me, the man needs zero help with his boat, from me or anybody else, then or now.)

As we hit the open ocean to sail across the Gulf of Mexico from Fort Myers, Florida to Demopolis, Alabama, I went below deck a couple times to mix up a cocktail from my old man’s stash.

I filled him up a couple times as well.

On the third trip back up my dad says “Now hey there Bub, don’t get too carried away with those things I’m gonna need your help out her for awhile.”

I said, “Yeah, well you only turn 30 once.”

His eyes got a little bigger. You could tell he was just remembering it was my 30th birthday at that point. Then we both had another one and relaxed a little bit before we got back down to business out there.

—My 34th birthday, which was my first since meeting Tabitha, my wife arranged for a surprise party with the only friends I have down here. Ended up going bowling with her, Hayley, Matt, Josh, and Doan.

I love bowling in any scenario regardless, but her gesture of going thru the trouble to arrange all that without my knowledge is something I’ll never forget.

No one has done anything like that for me before or since.

—I had a lot of 20-something birthdays in Missoula. I don’t remember a lot of those.

—This year Chloe woke me up with a bag that had a coffee cup in it that says “my favorite child gave me this mug”, a Minnesota Twins pennant (which is something I haven’t seen since high school or college), and a Cobra Kai shirt because we’ve been watching that show together for awhile.

Harrison and Mara then both asked me if it was my birthday and quickly moved on.

Travis said he wants to take me golfing, just me and him.

Already the best birthday I’ve ever had, and it’s not even noon yet.

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