Quick Turnaround

I made an important life decision today.

I’m not going to care what other parents I meet think about me anymore. It’s a giant waste of time and energy.

I’m a solid man, a good father, and I care about the safety of all the kids. Anything else that might be conflictual, as far as my beliefs or opinions possibly differing from theirs, pails in comparison to simply being those 3 things.

I wrote a big post a couple days ago about this subject. Today I woke up and wondered why.

I’m always the first person to focus on the good things about my friends, and respectfully acknowledge the things we don’t agree on without letting it ruin our friendship.

There’s no reason I can’t expect some form of that treatment to reciprocate.

And if we don’t end up being good friends. That’s fine. It’s all about the kids.