I have to be careful. If I have something to say about my wife, kids, family, friends or maybe even certain topics…it could get tricky. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? It hasn’t happened yet. Right now the only people who view content on this page are my wife and parents. I can see a day where I want to get on here and vent about one of them and I doubt anything will get written. Why? The last thing I need is a conversation starting with ‘I had no idea you felt that way…why didn’t you tell me?…I had to find out on your page..’ etc.

No thanks.

Plus it comes off extremely passive aggressive from my end. Even though it wouldn’t be, it’d have that optic.

I’m sort of at the point right now as I write this and read back of saying (bleep) it. Just write whatever. Guess I’ll figure that out when the time comes.

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