Shark Week

My two little one are glued to shark week on the National Geographic Channel.

This morning when I woke Mara up she grabbed her ‘sharkie,’ which is a stuffed animal shark toy and said ‘I wanna watch shark movie…’

Harrison was already awake when we came downstairs, when I asked him if he wanted to watch Robot Trains or Sharks he and Mara both yelled Sharks! at the same exact time. Fine with me.

Now, as I type, they are both sitting down here on the couch watching ‘Sharks of the Bermuda Triangle.’

I had no idea the Bermuda Triangle reputation spread to the life in the sea. But apparently it causes some strange things to happen to the sharks, and other fish, as well.

I wonder if that’s what Harrison is pondering as he sits and stares at the screen in silence, a little bowl of pretzels in one hand and a cup of ice water in the other…Or maybe Mara, who’s doing basically the same thing only with goldfish, is contemplating the physical effects the Bermuda Triangle has on sharks as well.

Either way, shark week has kept my little ones quiet for a few hours this week, so I’m good with it. Except for the occasional “LOOK AT THE SHARK!” Usually followed by a quick story that makes no sense, Harrison and Mara have watched in awed silence. The sharks have given my household some random spurts of much needed silence.

And I’ve even managed to learn a thing or two.

Did you know sharks can usually tell when bad weather is on it’s way?

Also, look up the ‘cookie-cutter’ shark. It won’t be a waste of your time.

There was even an episode that featured Michael Phelps racing a shark. It was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen.