My Oldest Son is Starting to Get My Sense of Humor

So this is great.

For years I’ve been walking around the house making little snide comments here and there.

For the entirety of my life my sense of humor has always been sort of sarcastic, dry, and stupid. I have tended to surround myself with the type of friends who are that way themselves, appreciate my humor, and/or get along with me regardless.

In the days before kids and marriage, my attempts at humor would be acknowledged as funny, lazy, stupid, dumb, or hilarious, amongst other things.

Since kids and marriage entered my life my jokes seem to largely fall on deaf ears. If I say anything I usually don’t even get so much as a flinch or a headshake, muchness a verbal response.

And the worst is when Tabitha and/or the kids didn’t hear what I have said. When they say ‘what’ I’m stuck explaining why I’m not funny. It has led me to being more selective about the things I say and the times I say them.

But lately Travis has been enjoying some of my little comments in the background.

Travis turned 13 last month and realistically probably went thru puberty about 12-16 months ago.

Last week I was cooking dinner while his mom was telling us all about her day. I slipped in a few inside jokes as she was talking and Travis laughed at every one of them, which led to everyone sort of getting the humor and having more fun with it.

Today we all went out for family pictures.

For 3+ hours.

Tabitha found a spot to take some good shots in beautiful, historic, downtown Mckinney, Texas.

While we were in an alley way and she was getting us all lined up to add a few prize pieces to the Hawkins family album, a golf cart with two construction-type guys occupying it had driven up. The two gentlemen looked like they were in the mood to patiently wait out our photo session instead of driving in front of us and messing things up.

Great guys.

They made a few comments, being all chummy. I let them finish and came in with a “It’s fine fellas, come on thru, we’ve only been here for about a half an hour setting this up…”

Only Travis laughed. And the four male adults shared a “oh-I-know-what-you’re-saying-man” type of laugh.

I’m excited to see how far this goes with Travis as he gets older.

I might be reborn with this unexpected development.

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