Extra Family Time

My parents are on their way back to Great Falls, Montana. They were here for pretty much the entire month of January.

Because I know they both regularly read the content on this site, I just want to take some time to thank them for how great it was having them here.

They drove all the way down from Montana, only stopping for gas. They booked a bed and breakfast for their stay, which they totally didn’t have to do, but did so in the spirit of not being too overbearing while being here. A decision that no doubt came with a significant financial burden.

An extremely kind gesture from two extremely kind people, and one that didn’t go unnoticed.

My older kids are treated the exact same way as my younger kids by their grandparents. It’s not a chore and it comes completely natural to them.

I’m so glad my parents are still healthy and sharp as ever. It’s great that they’ll get to be a part of our kid’s lives growing up.

It was so fun to see my little ones asking about and waiting for my parents to show up in the morning and hear them both ask ‘oh you’re heading back to your air B and B now…?’ at night.

My mom filled the little ones with knowledge and played a ton of games with them, and they both flocked to my dad who read them the same books over and over, as they crawled and played all over him.

My wife and I have a few big things on the horizon, which I will post about at a later date so I don’t jinx it. Hopefully they’ll be completed, or in motion, this calendar year and we will get to see a lot more of my parents in the coming years than we do now.

There are not two better people on the planet than these two, and watching their faces light up when they’re with their grandkids gives me so much pride. No one deserves to be happy in life more than my mom and dad.

Between me and my sister, they’ve put up with a lot of shit.

All the mess ups I’ve put them through in my life, it’s nice to know I can bring them some positive things now in my upper adulthood.

My kids provide that for them, and all four will be better off in life by spending as much time with my parents as possible.

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