A Letter To Myself, Written 10 Years From Now

You should get up and do something productive today.

Too many cocktails last night?

Is there any particular reason you didn’t keep in touch with your friends as much after you moved to Texas? Your parents had excuses. They had obstacles when trying to stay in touch with friends in their era. They only had landlines and long distance calls, no cell phones, no texting, and no Facebook or Instagram. What’s your excuse? You disowned everyone for awhile. It’s no wonder some of them don’t answer your calls or texts anymore. You should have stayed in touch better.

Probably should have made a run at working out and trying to get back in shape about ten years ago too. You’re almost 50 now and there’s not much tread left on your tires, minus the spare you keep in your stomach. And with all that spare tire weight you’re gonna be carrying around later, putting pressure on those knees and joints, it’s gonna be a lot harder to regain that form ten years from now. Go ahead and start running some hills or something. The earlier the better my friend.

Did you really try to calorie count at one point? Is that an actual phase you went through? You did not do a very good job. Perhaps recheck the nutrition labels on that vodka, orange soda, and the In-N-Out double cheeseburgers. And feel free to eat a salad every once in awhile.

Remember 10 years ago when Harrison and Mara were tugging at your leg every minute, always asking you to play with them? You need to drop everything and do that as much as possible, because in my world they are now 13 & 12 and want nothing to do with being seen, or hanging out, with you. In my world Travis and Chloe are long gone, and you’re old. Ten years ago you should have made more time for all 4 of them.

Why do you still plan your Sundays around watching this stupid team? They’re never gonna win a damn Super Bowl. And why do you care so much? It means AB-SOL-UTE-LY NOTHING!

I’m glad you stuck with your marriage and worked your ass off to stay together. Your wife and kids are so much better off having you in their lives 100% of the time. Also I’m glad you started writing again. It’s made a big difference in your life these past ten years.

Those yearly trips back to Montana each summer have sure been worth it. The kids love it. Their grandparents love it…they still enjoy bringing the kids out to the boat to sail, and they still get around on that thing with no problems. It has worked out very well as the kids have gotten older. Even Chloe and Travis make it a point to meet us up there. I’m glad you introduced them to your home state. Plus it’s nice to play golf with some old buddies every once in awhile.

Remember when you turned 25 and wished you were 18? Then at 30 you wished you were 25? Of course, now you are 38 and wish you were 30. Hey dumbass, at some point you’ll be old enough to look back and wish you were still 38. LIVE LIKE THAT RIGHT NOW!

Look that man or woman in the eye and tell them to shut up. As a father of black children and the husband of an African-American woman, you owe them that. You owe society that. Don’t just stand silent and bitch about it later. It’s no longer okay to be silent about anything. I recently read a great story about Cole Beasley. I sort of feel a little bit like he does in that article. The time for silence of any kind is over. From 38 to 48…Use these next ten years of your life to speak up on something besides jackass things like Vikings football and AK vs QQ. Show the world who you are and let them react. Your kids will only hear what you say for so long, sooner or later you have to show them what you’re about.