I have 4 kids. Am I a bad father if there are times where I am sick of every one of them?

If you come home from school with C’s in 3 of your best subjects, and then say “I’m bored” when I asked why, shouldn’t I be allowed to freak out? I thought bored was for when you’re killing it. Like the Michael Jordan 72 win Bulls…Maybe they got bored during one of their 10 losses. The Bulls lost to the expansion Toronto Raptors that year…If any of the players on that team told me the reason was out of boredom, I’d hear them out. Don’t tell me the reason you’re getting a C in a class is “I’m bored.”

And how about that C in gym class? Everyone knows gym teachers don’t grade on athleticism. They grade on effort. Clearly you aren’t cool with your boys if you care and work hard in gym. Let’s hang back. Make fun of people. Act stylish. Act cool. Let’s pretend we’re so far above it and have better things to do. Boom. There is your C.

Same thing in choir. They don’t grade on voice, they grade on effort. And your response is to do the same things you do in gym class. Too cool to sing. Just stand there like you’re watching your dog die, barely moving your lips. Boom. Another C.

Then come home, tell nothing but lies, ask for money and to go hang out with your friends… Stay up till 2 in the morning watching youtube and being on ‘insta’ while simultaneously ‘forgetting’ to do your chores.

Don’t forget to always talk back and sneak in the last word under your breath when any of this stuff gets brought to your attention.

I wonder if the boys think it’s cool to be homeschooled…